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In this workshop we're going cook in an international atmosphere and try out tasty dishes from all over the world. The delicious smells and exotic recipes invite you on a journey to cook in a creative atmosphere while learning new skills! 

Everyone interested in cooking is welcomed to join the workshop. Our goal is that everyone will develope on their own level. Please pack with you an apron, pen and some paper for taking notes and head out the the cooking workshop!

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Pics: Sami Valkonen and Anne Mills

Workshop teacher Mari-Kaisa is home-economics teacher who has done all kinds of projects relating to food and cooking. She has worked as a food stylist in TV-shows, planned and improved recipes, worked as a consult in party planning and as a home-economics teacher in junior high school and at different courses.

Mari-Kaisa spent her childhood abroad and therefore the international cuisines are especially important to her.

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Please register on 5th June at latest to avoid paying +20 € for your camp. If you're not sure whether or not you're coming, we recommend to register anyway and cancel later, if needed. Cancelling doesn't cost anything.


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