Horseback Riding

Unfortunately there's no room for any more students in this workshop :/


In the Horseback Riding workshop we'll familiarize ourselves with different aspects of horseback riding. We're not going to get stuck in dressage, but practise also poles and obctacles, vaulting, balance, trail riding, as well as handling and taking care of a horse on the ground. We'll focus on position, but not in a straigh-laced way. Above all riding needs to be fun!

This workshop is for all students interested in riding a horse. However we prefer that you already know some basics (walk, trot, canter/gallop) There's always something to learn, so advanced students are also welcomed! You should pack with you boots that are suitable for horseback riding (riding boots, hiking boots with heels or wellies - snickers won't do) and gloves, clothes to wear on a rainy day and flexible trousers. If you don't have a helmet or a crop you can loan those from the stable.

Ulla Kujanpää is a 30-year-old horse lover. She has worked as a full-time riding instructor for five years now. Dressage is close to her heart and during free time she volunteers as a dressage judge.

Her family includes a husband, four horses, two cats and a baby girl Taimi.



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