Are you interested in sports in a gooooood company? Do you love to compete? This is your chance to enjoy a week full of sports and new friends. Head out to the sports workshop!

This workshop is for those, who want to enjoy summer in a sporty way. Workshop gives a possibility to try a wide range of different sports in a good company. Our goal is to get into a better condition as well as learn new skills and have fun! In the beginning of the camp the workshop will be divided into two groups. At times we'll also play together. We'll be play beach volley, football, basketball and floorball as well as go swimming and do athletics. We want to take your wishes into consideration, so please let us know what you'd like to play! To participate, you don't have to be a super-athlete. Only thing you'll need is enthusiasm to exercise!

 sportti beach

Pack with you clothes for indoor and outdoor games, a water bottle and (if you have) a floorball stick and a baseball glove. You can prepare yourself for the camp by maintaining yourself in a good basic condition. See you at the camp!


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Sports workshop goofying in Life show, pic: Sami Valkonen.

 When you register for this workshop, please let us know, what sports do you play, for how long have you been involved in them, how much do you exercise per week, what are your expectations for the workshop (do you want to have fun, get in better shape, learn some specific skills etc.), do you want to be in a same group with someone and other wishes you have for the camp. Being spesific with your background info helps the teachers to plan the workshop programm to match the group coming to the camp this summer :)
Maija Kallio is a PE teacher from Lahti. When she was younger, she did athletics, but nowadays she loves to run and is into ball games. During winter she goes cross-country skiing and snowboarding. At the moment Maija spends a lot of time with their two young kids at home. sportti Maija Kallio1
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Sakari Mäkäläinen is a 23-years-old snowboarding PE studentfrom Jyväskylästä. He's main sport has been ice hockey, but he loves all kinds of different games and trying new sports. Last year he had tried bouldering, rapid shooting and hiphop dance.

Sakari is already looking forward to Life camp and for the whole week full of sports.

Olli Toivonen is a 26-year-old student from Espoo/Lahti, Finland. He has organized all sorts of sports events for their congregation since 2005. Sports and competing are his passion. Nowadays, especially during summertime he loves to play beach volley. Olli is a positive and inspiring instructor.

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 Please register on 5th June at latest to avoid paying +20 € for your camp. If you're not sure whether or not you're coming, we recommend to register anyway and cancel later, if needed. Cancelling doesn't cost anything.


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