Break Dance

Welcome is everyone, who would like to try breaking for the first time or likes to advance from any kind of level. Definitely we are going to learn the basics, since usually at least half of the students are in the beginning of their breaking journey :).

Those, who have walked the path for several years shouldn't worry, because my approach to the ways of teaching is individual, fun and creative, so that everyone could get a peace of a pie. Since I like to create a cool show for the end of the camp, we are going to focus on that in half of the classes.

The choreography / show / final outcome is the thing, what makes this workshop special, since you don't see many breakers, who would like to experiment above the average thinking level. So you are very welcome take this class out and eater take a step further from where you are in breaking or just try it out and have fun!


The teacher of the workshop is Joel Kotsjuba (Estonia).

 breakdance joel1

The ones, who are taking the workshop, should have comfortable training clothes. A jacket, light shoes and if you have, then wrist wraps and knee pads would be good. If you don't have them, then it's not a big deal. Oh yes, don't forget water bottle! :)

Remember, although it sounds easy and fun, we are going to work hard to learn all those steps, freezes and other moves and it takes patience :). See you!




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