Lyrical Jazz advanced

This workshop is for advanced students.

Lyrical Jazz is an expressive fusion of Jazz and Ballet. Some examples of Lyrical Jazz are here  and here

This class is for trained/advanced dancers who really want to improve technically and express themselves more fully through dance. We will use music that is from the latest charts that you can engage in emotionally and learn to further express your heart and feelings through dance. The workshop will include a warm-up, technique, Lyrical Jazz improvisation/choreography, short lyrical jazz routines and a full length dance performance to be performed on Friday night at the concert. 

Workshop Needs: 

Jazz shoes (sneakers or pumps), black leggings and a black leotard/tank with short or long sleeves and any plain black, skirt, top, shorts to wear over this and a coloured headscarf for the performance. 

bring your favourite song to dance to on cd or iPod. Bring a Water bottle!