Show/Hiphop beginners

In this upbeat workshop we're going to experience show dance and hiphop in a chill out atmosphere! We'll have fun dancing to the gripping music and rehearse a choreography that will be performed in the end of Life camp. In addition to dancing we're going to work out, train some acrobatics and stretch.

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Pic: Sami Valkonen

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Workshop teacher Hanna Launonen has graduated as a dance teacher from University of Applied Sciences in Oulu. She has taught dance in Oulu & Espoo, and worked as a dancer both in Finland and abroad. Hanna also dances in the Xaris Dance Company and in MGtH band.

Please register on 6th June at latest to avoid paying +20 € for your camp. If you're not sure whether or not you're coming, we recommend to register anyway and cancel later, if needed. Cancelling doesn't cost anything.


Suomen Ev.lut. Kansanlähetys
Nuorten Maailma
Opistotie 1, 12310 RYTTYLÄ Vaihde: 019 77 920


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