Technique Classes

Dancer start their days with warming up and training the technique. During afternoons you'll participate in the workshop of your choice.

For mornings' technique classes we have contemporary dance and ballet, with groups for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Technique classes are a vital part of dance. Technique excersises warm the body and open it up for the challenges of the day. In technique classes we focus on mastering the basics of dance. Because of the technique classes your Life camp dance experience is going to be well-rounded and as you also get to participate in dance classes of two different teachers.

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Pic: Sami Valkonen

Ballet is very useful for all dancers. Through ballet you'll learn the basics of dance technique. At ballet classes you'll learn about supporting your body, extension, streching, coordination, jumps, pirouettes and how to train your body in a safe way. Ballet positions, movements and terminology create a foundation for several other dance styles. Ballet technique and style are very traditional and easy to fall in love with!

Contemporary dance is a name for a wide range of different contemporary dance styles, so the contents of a contemporary dance class is always up to the teacher. On contemporary dance classes you'll get to know the versatile possibilities of the body, practise combining thoughts and movement, using gravity and of course dance basics, such as support, extension, strength, flexibility and movement in a space. Contemporary dance will get you going and strengthens your expression in no time!


Ballet beginners we recommend for example to our show/hiphop beginners, who don't have any previous experience in ballet.

Ballet intermediate is for dancers, who already know the basics of ballet. We recommend this class for students that have danced ballet for a couple years or danced something else for several years.

Ballet advanced is for dance students, who have danced ballet for several years. On these classes we'll challenge and master the technique and possibly work on different types of ballet variations and pointe technique.


Contemporary dance beginners we recommend for example to our show/hiphop beginners, who don't have a lot of previous experience in dancing.

Contemporary dance intermediate fits in well with for example Improvisation and Choreography and is a great choice for all hiphop workhop participants who have danced for a couple years.

Contemporary dance advanced we recommend to our advanced dancers, like Broadway workshop participants, who have danced for several years already.


Technique classes and teachers at Life 2014

Ballet intermediate - Johanna Halén

Ballet advanced - Jane Raidma

Contemporary dance beginners - Anniina Koski

Contemporary dance intermediate - Tuire Colliander



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