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Life camp July 25th - July 31st 2015, Ryttylä, Finland

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Life is an international Christian arts and action camp, organized by Finnish Lutheran Mission and Creative Arts Europe. Every summer about 200 campers and 100 volunteers & workshop and bible teachers gather up in southern Finland to learn more about God and the potential He has put into us. For those, who don't speak Finnish (yet), the camp program and workshops are translated into English. :)

If you want to learn more about your gifts or develop your skills as a dancer, photographer or as a musician, this is camp is for you! It doesn't matter how much you know already or how good someone else is compared to you. This camp is not about comparing! In our encouraging atmosphere everyone has a chance to learn something new about themselves and get to know the Person who made you that way.

Everyone is talented, so pack up and head out to spend the best week of the summer at Life camp!

Please register on 6th June at latest to avoid paying extra 20 € for your camp. If you don't know whether you're coming or not, we recommend you to register now and cancel it later, if needed. Cancelling doesn't cost anything.

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How do I get there?

If you come by plane, we can pick you up at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. We can also give you a ride to the airport, when you leave. When booking flights please note that because of everyone's safety our drivers are not allowed to drive between 11PM and 8 AM. If your flight arrives during night, we'll pick you up in the following morning.

If you come by train, there's a train stop in our village. This is the easiest way to travel to Ryttylä! We are just one kilometer (that's 0,6 miles) from the train stop. This is how you get from trainstop (A) to camp site (B). Don't worry! This is a small village and there're other camper also arriving by train, so it'll take a HUGE effort for you to get lost here. Check timetables for Finnish trains at

Our adress is Opistotie 1, 12310 Ryttylä. Ryttylä is the name of our village.

How much does the camp cost?

If you sleep indoors, the price is 199 €. If you bring a tent of your own, it's 179 €. If you're coming with your sister/brother, one of you pays the normal price and the other one discount price, which is 169 €. You can ask about other discounts via e-mail kertsi<a> Kertsi is the person in charge of organizing practical stuff before and after the camp.

What is Finnish Lutheran Mission?

Read more about us at

How many workshops can I participate in?

There may be a possibility to try one of the other workshops once during the camp, but basically you'll participate in only one workshop per camp. When you register for the camp, you need to chooce a back-up workshop as well.  If there's no room in the workshop you registered for as your first choice, you'll be participating in the back-up option. In June we'll know for sure who will be participating in which workshop. In the list on your right you'll find the workshops that are available also in English.

Camp letter

When we have the workshops figured out and the teachers have informed us about what you should pack with you for your workshops, we'll send you info letter via e-mail. That will be in June.

Booking flights and accommodation

Sometimes it's a lot cheaper to fly during the week than during weekends. It's okay to come few days late or too early to the camp. Just make sure we know when to book accommodation for you or your group! From our point of view it's easier if you don't come super-super-early, because there are other camps going on and your room might be booked for them. In that case you may need to sleep in another room for a few nights and later, when the camp begins, switch to your room. Anyway, it's not a problem to come early, just make sure we know when you're coming as soon as possible.



Suomen Ev.lut. Kansanlähetys
Nuorten Maailma
Opistotie 1, 12310 RYTTYLÄ Vaihde: 019 77 920


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