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Do you know how to sing in harmony? Learn how to perform, work with a band and get to know the basics of vocal techniques. We'll learn the techniques and vocal exercises that will help to expand your singing range so that you can sing higher and lower, as well as louder and stronger. We'll also learn how to be more confident when performing on stage.

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Pic: Sami Valkonen

We are going to have lots of fun as we practise for the Life show together with the band workshop. The workshop will practise both with and without the band. This is an excellent workhop choice for beginners!

Rory Partin is a professional musician and actor, and has a degree in music performance. He has made his living through his singing and acting for over 18 years and annually tours and gives concerts worldwide. He has studied voice at McNeese State University in Louisiana and also at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a recording artist and actor. He has starred in numerous musicals and operas as well as sung background vocals for multiple Grammy winning artists. Rory is now living in Los Angeles, where in addition to his music, he has been studying acting, and working as an actor for the past couple of years.

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Please register on 6th June at latest to avoid paying +20 € for your camp. If you're not sure whether or not you're coming, we recommend to register anyway and cancel later, if needed. Cancelling doesn't cost anything.





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