In the beginning there was the Word - and soon after rap began.

But how do you write a rap-song? How making rap lyrics is different from "normal songs"? How does a rhyme work? How about a double- or even a triple rhyme? What's the difference between hiphop and trihop? And what on Earth is spoken word?

Forget about the boring stereotypes and clichées: In the Rap -workshop we'll thoroughly explore the variety of possibilities. Rap can be from clever punchlines to elaborate storytelling, from angry protest to an intimate prayer.

The workshop is suited all who are interested in rap, to beginners as well to semi-pros. Using a wide range of exercises well find together your natural flow  - your own voice. All you need is the basic understanding of rhytm, memo and pencil. Beats which need lyrics, incomplete texts and wild ideas are also welcome!

Workshop teacher Lauri Kemppainen is an rap-artist, doctoral student in Theology and a author. He has been making music by the names Daikini and Pappi (Priest, in Finnish). For a decade he has been publishing his own albums, but also working together with frontline artists in Finnish gospel. To get his mind off from music and academia, he lifts weights at the gym and plays with his two stubborn dogs.



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