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You will discover the many facets of a recording artist career. You will learn how to help choose songs for your voice and style, as well as songwriting, accompaniment, performance and recording techniques. You will leave with a recording of a song you perform and worked on during the week. This workshop is great for students who have a basic understanding of singing and performing (and possibly, songwriting) but want to learn how to take and develop what they have to the next level.

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Students need to be able to be self-motivated to work on assignments on their own as well as  collaborate in groups. Sometimes one on one instruction will be in front of the class so all can learn. Bring three songs with you that you LOVE to sing or perform. These will help form a basis and foundation to build from during the week. Also bring a notebook and pen as well as your guitar or small keyboard and headphones if you play. Bring your ideas and your dreams, and we’ll have a great time!

Alexa James grew up singing in the church choir and began taking classical voice at age 12. “My older sister sang, inspired me to try singing, and helped me realize I had some basic talent. My passion for live performance and having the guts and gusto to try things and to persevere, is what has helped me now make a living with my voice and music.”

Alexa took classical voice at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and while at Baylor, she also took Commercial Voice and Rock Band at McClennan Community College in Waco. She then transferred to Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee to become and graduate as a Vocal Performance Major. She also minored in Music Business.

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Alexa picked up piano, guitar and song writing lessons and courses all along the way. Since then, she has recorded 6 professional studio albums, toured worldwide, has written a number 1 song and 5 other top 10 songs. Her music has been placed in films and Alexa was recently named Hot Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year with the 2010 L.A. Music Awards. James currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, working to continue expanding her artist career as well as to branch into acting for TV and film.

At home Alexa likes to feed her "pet" squirrels that come into her backyard. She names them and feeds some of them by hand. She wishes she could have a pet lion!


Jarkko Luhtala works as musician and teacher in Seinäjoki, Finland. He has played guitar in various Finnish Gospel bands. Jarkko has lots of experience in playing, transcribing, performing and teaching. He is eagerly awaiting the upcoming camp and all the compositions, lyrics, transcriptions and gigs that are to come!

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Please register on 6th June at latest to avoid paying +20 € for your camp. If you're not sure whether or not you're coming, we recommend to register anyway and cancel later, if needed. Cancelling doesn't cost anything.



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