Staff registration for Life camp

Who needs to register? If you need food, accommodation or a ride from/to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you should register. So whether you're a workshop teacher or a guest/friend of Mills', please register, so that we'll have everything you need when you arrive :)

Please register by June 22th. We're going to send camp letters in the end of June and by that time we need to know what your workshop students should pack with them to the camp. Thank you!

Your workshop/role at the camp

Accommodation & airport pick-ups

When will you be arriving and leaving? Do you need a ride to/from the airport? Do you need seats for children? How many people are coming at the same time? From which number can our drivers reach you at the airport? What's your flight number? This is the info that goes to our drivers & accommodation folks so please, be spesific!!


Your contact info

Diet needs

Other things on your mind


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