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Creative Writing & Photography *NEW*
Erkki Jokinen

Do you dream about writing your own book? Or being a photographer? Why not do both!

In Creative Writing & Photography, we seek ways to express ourselves by photography, writing and discussing. We want to catch our feelings, wild ideas, and to shape what is boiling inside us. There is a promise of excitement and joy of discovery!

You can bring your own writings, texts, pictures, poems, lyrics, comics...We'll also talk about the process of publishing a book and to work with the publisher. We will work as a group and as individuals. You will have personal guidance into your creative process. Also bring your own camera, as we will explore creative ways to use it and possibilities of editing photos. 




Pastor / Author Erkki Jokinen is an accomplished writer, who has published a variety of books to different publishers. He has won the prestigious "Christian Book of the Year" -award. He also teachers photographpy. These last years Erkki has seen his four children to mature and to move out. At the moment, he focuses to full-time writing, which also uses photography. 

People who know Erkki, descripe him as "warm", "caring", "the best pastor ever!".  


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