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In Fine Arts -workshop we'll focus on finding your own creativity and style. Beauty can be find by drawing with a broom in dust....Or is it your thing to express beauty? Maybe no one else can tell about the hardness of life like you. On thing is certain: you have something to share. This workshop gives you the room and the tools for it. We'll make paintings, installation art, collage, sculpture and maybe something totally new. Workshop will include groupwork by assignments and examples.


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Everyone, who has passion to do art, can participate to this workshop. Even if you haven't done fine arts before, you'll do fine here. There is also enough challenge for a more experienced students, even if the technique doesn't rule here. You'll need a skecthbook and pencil of your choosing. If you find interesting materials before camp, feel free to bring them with you.




Kati Förbom has graduated from renowned Nordiska Konstskolan -Art College, and uses art as tool to work with children and youth. Kati's teaching philosophy includes interest to everyones own creativity and strict motivation to do art. You can always find Kati with cup of coffee, and besides arts, she loves to travel.




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